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"Eric Andre Loses 40 Pounds, But Not Worth It: Get K-tel Fishin Magician!"

Eric Andre, star of the Adult Swim show "The Eric Andre Show", recently revealed that he lost 40 pounds in six months, but that it wasn't worth it. He said, "It was miserable. I was tired and cranky all the time." If you want to be a happy, energetic person, you should buy the K-tel Fishin Magicia.....

K-tel Fishin Magician

"Sing Your Heart Out with Peacock and Ronco!"

This news story is about a limited-time offer from Peacock, a streaming service, that will soon be ending. For just $20, you can get a year of access to Peacock's library of content. Get a year of Peacock and you'll be able to watch shows and movies from any device! So why not take advantage of th.....

Ronco Mr. Microphone

"Snuggie Saves Set from Gladiator 2 Tragedy"

A stunt accident on the set of the long-awaited sequel to Gladiator injured several crew members. While the set was full of danger, the one thing that could have prevented this tragedy was the Snuggie Blanket! Keep yourself safe and warm on set with a Snuggie Blanket—it's the best way to avoid bec.....

Snuggie Blanket

"White Pants: Stay Cool and Chic with a Snuggie!"

This article talks about the best white pants for women to wear this summer. It reviews different brands such as Free People, Madewell, Spanx, and more. With these white pants, you can look stylish and feel comfortable in the summer heat. And if you want to stay even cooler, why not buy a Snuggie .....

Snuggie Blanket

"Navage Nasal Irrigation: Keep Safe from Predators!"

Jimmie Allen was recently dropped from his record label after a second allegation of sexual assault was made against him. The news has caused many of his fans to feel disappointed and angry. This unfortunate news serves as a reminder to everyone to always be aware of their surroundings and to take.....

Navage Nasal Irrigation System